Mental Health for the Physically Active

We are an independently established working group of mental health professionals with a specific focus on the psychological wellbeing of athletes.

Our Professional Group

Western Australia Sports Wellbeing Initiative Working Group

Dr Brendon Dellar

Clinical Psychologist
BSc, MPsych, PhD, FCCLP

Swan Psychology

Dr Brendon Dellar is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice and an Adjunct Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology (Curtin University). He teaches trainee Clinical Psychologists studying at a Masters & Doctoral level in Psychological Assessment & Addictions.

Brendon currently supervises postgraduate students on clinical practicums and Clinical Psychologist Registrars completing their training for endorsed title.

He has a special interest in Illicit Drug use in Athletes and Professional Sports.

Referral Requirements

Dr Dellar is accessible through arrangements with sporting clubs and their medical management programs.

An access code (provided by your doctor) is required to book online. If you have the access code, please tap on "Book Online" to schedule a consult.

Dr Kyle Hoath 

Consultant Psychiatrist 

Salvdo Clinic

Dr Kyle Hoath trained in Perth and until recently held positions across the public, private and NGO sectors. He is now building a career as a dedicated private psychiatrist with a focus on patient choice and understanding.

Kyle remains fascinated by the powerful developments in modern medical technology which can be used in the mental health arena to empower ones journey to a more welcoming outcome. Dr Hoath is a medical specialist in the area of mental health.  He can work in both private practice settings and hospital admissions if required.

Referral Requirements

Dr Hoath is a Medical Specialist and requires a referral from a club doctor or sports physician.

Online Bookings are not available unless otherwise organised.  Dr Hoath works in conjuction with Psychologists to provide co-management of cases.

Rachael Williams

Clinical Psychologist
BA(Hons), MPsych(Clin)

Cygnet Clinic

Rachael Williams is currently the Director of Cygnet Clinic Midland and has had extensive experience in working with complex psychological cases.  She is highly skilled in psychological assessment and has considerable experience in forensic cases.

Rachael is the Managing Director of Cygnet Clinic Midland and a Senior Clinical Psychologist. She supervises Registrars and provides assistance to other Psychologists requiring expert guidance in areas of expertise.  Rachael has considerable experience in drug and alcohol related interventions.

Referral Requirements

Rachael is accessible through arrangements with sporting clubs and their medical management programs.

Bookings can be made by calling a mobile number in the access restricted "Book Online" secure webportal.

Polina Russell

Clinical Psychologist
BBehSc,(Hons), MSx, MPsych(Clin)

Cygnet Clinic

Polina is fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and is endorsed in the area of Clinical Psychology. Polina is a down to earth, compassionate therapist, with a non-judgmental and strengths-based approach to her work with clients. She is dedicated to understanding the development of problematic patterns by means of thorough assessment to inform evidence-based and effective intervention

Referral Requirements

Polina is accessible through arrangements with sporting clubs and their medical management programs.

An access code (provided by your doctor) is required to book online. If you have the access code, please tap on "Book Online" to schedule a consult or call/text 0488 823 300

What We Do

WASWI is an affiliation between private practitioners with a special interest and experience in elite sports related mental health.  The formation of the network of practitioners is in response to the growing awareness of the unique stress and associated mental health difficulties faced by some athletes.

We do not see professional athletes for performance enhancement - this is typically the role of Sports Psychologists.  The purpose of WASWI is to help treat disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Drug & Alcohol addiction and other diagnosable mental health conditions.  

WASWI is a network of experts in this area rather than an integrated service or discrete business entity. Although we work in different locations, we work together in a team-based approach.  This means athletes will often be seen by a team of health professionals, including Sports Physicians, Clinical Psychologists and Consultant Psychiatrists based on their individual needs.

WASMI is typically accessed by doctors or medical staff associated with a professional body.  Individuals can not self refer.  We can only accept approved referrals from sports associations that have been pre-approved through our network.  We are an assessment and treatment team only, and do not provide expert opinions or advice on mental health to media or other third parties.  Our assessments are for clinical treatment purposes, and not used for any other reasons including recruitment or selection.  As with any mental health profession, our services are focussed on the health and wellbeing of our patients and is strictly confidential. 

Mental Health Assessment

Individual Assessment of Mental Health

Specialist Treatment

Psychotherapy Treatment and Psychiatric Care

Team Based Model of Care

Our team-care model provides support by ensuring that Mental Health Professionals are accessible based on the individual needs of each athlete. 

We believe in the best practice model of clear and regular communication between all treating professionals, so that the athlete is the central focus of mental health treatment. 

The coordination of services provided by Mental Health Professionals allows for better access to individualised treatment plans. In some circumstances, an athlete may only require Clinical Psychology service, and in other cases a Psychiatric referral is only required.  In some cases all three professionals may work together as a treatment team based on the individual needs of the athlete.

To access the WASWI, you must have a referral from your Sports Physician.  An access code provided by your Club Doctor or Sports Physician is required for online bookings.

Contact us if you require any further information on the WASWI network. 

Cygnet Clinic Fremantle

Dr Brendon Dellar & Polina Russell, Clinical Psychologists


Address: 25 Ellen Street Fremantle WA 6160

Phone: 0488 823 300‬

Fax: 08 9463 6311

Salvdo Sports Clinic

Dr Kyle Hoath, Consultant Psychiatrist


Address: 230 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, WA 6008

Phone: 0488 823 300‬

Fax: 08 6559 6999

Cygnet  Clinic Midland

Rachael Williams, Clinical Psychologist


Address: 33/6 Keane Street Midland WA 6056

Phone: 0488 823 300‬

Fax:  08 9463 6311